The “right way” to wash your hair.

Washing your hair seems like nbd but there are right and wrong ways to properly do so without causing damage and getting the most out of your style.

Step 1: 

Make sure you brush your hair thoroughly before getting it wet (wet brushes work best!).  This will help remove any knots and residual product residue.  Select products that work with your hair type.

Step 2:

Completely saturate your hair with warm water.  Add a small amount of shampoo, massage until you get a good lather.  A good rule of thumb is to massage the scalp for 60 seconds to make sure all oils and product build up is removed.  Shampoo again if needed. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 3:

Condition only from the midstrands to ends.  Leave on for at least 5 mins, longer if hair is extra dry.  Rinse completely with cool water.

Step 4: 

Towel dry your strands very carefully not to rough up the cuticle producing frizz.  Squeeze the hair and the towel together to remove moisture.  Style as usual!

 *Try not to wash your hair daily!  Over washing can cause your hair and scalp to be super dry.  Inbetween washing use a dry shampoo to absorb extra oil, and a hydrating serum to keep ends moisturized!

Holly Plank