the primary active ingredient, DHA (Di Hydroxy Acetone) is a non toxic sugar that begins clear and then develops into a perfect bronze glow when combined with the amino acids in the top layer of skin raspberry and cocoa extract combine to make a beautiful bronze, NEVER ORANGE! also contains aloe, anti oxidants, and all natural botanicals to rehydrate the skin and leave it looking flawless

***the sunless solution does take 8-12 hours to fully develop, in which time you MUST avoid any kind of contact with water or activities which will make you sweat following your spray tan session. We recommend at least 6 hours before coming into contact with water or the process of your spray tan cannot fully develop. 

bathe, shave, and exfoliate prior to session
DO NOT apply any body lotion, deodorants, or make up in desired spray areas prior to session
avoid wearing jeans and very form fitting clothing; be comfortable!